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Easiest Piano Course - Part 1


The lessons in this book is devoted to developing fluency in "reading by note".  The range covered in this book is purposely limited.  Only five notes up and five notes down from middle C are presented and time values do not go beyond quarter notes.




Basic Theory Taught

1) Grand Staff, Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Dotted Half Note, Treble/Base Clef and Time Signature.

2) All 26 songs taught will be in the C Major scale.

3) Only the C Major scale is taught.

Easiest Piano Course - Part 2


Part only covered five notes up and five notes down from middle C.  Here students will learn new notes but time valus do not go beyond quarter notes nonetheless.  Proper finger techniques and playing with both hands are the focal point of lessons covered in this book.

Teaching Little Fingers to Play
A series for the early beginner combining rote and note approach. The melodies are written with careful thought and are kept as simple as possible, yet they are refreshingly delightful. All the music lies within the grasp of the child's small hands.
Basic/Intermediate Theory Taught
1) Whole Note/Rest, Half Note/Rest, Quarter Note/Rest, Eight Note/Rest, Dotted Half Note, Treble/Base Clef, Time Signature, Right/Left hand cross-over, Ties, Accidentals – Sharps/Flats/Naturals, Pick Up Beats, Octave, Chords, use of the Pedals. 2) All 30 songs taught will be in the C/G/F major scales. 3) C major, G major, F major scale are taught.
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